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Football Fan app can be downloaded for Free on your iPhone from Apple iOS App Store or on your Android Phone from Google Android App Store.


Football Banter Rooms

Football Fan brings real life Football banters to your phone. Join or create your own Banter Room & the app invites other Fans automatically

Become a Football Journalist

Become a Football journalist and share updates from the stadium or from your couch for other Fans to like, comment or even share further

Find & Connect with Fans

Search other like-minded Fans nearby or any other place in the world to collaborate with them by sharing messages or images or videos

How Football Fan Works?

Download “Football Fan” app for Free on your iPhone from Apple iOS App Store or on your Android Phone from Google Android App Store. Then scroll through the app visual images below as per your smart phone.

Football Fan Profile


Create your unique Football Fan profile with these simple steps:

  • Choose your unique Football Fan profile name before its gone.
  • Add your email address and mobile number. Mobile number is vital to find your friends using the app.
  • Select your primary and secondary favourite Football team(s).

Banter Rooms


Football Fan app brings real life Footballing banters to your smart phones.

  • Fans can create Banter Rooms between Fans of 2 Football teams.
  • App sends automated invites via in-app notifications to the Fans of Football teams involved in the Banter Room.

Fan Updates


Become a Football journalist and share your live stories from the stadium or from your couch with other Fans on Football Fan app.

  • Fans can create their own Football stories and share with other Fans in the Fan Updates section of the app.
  • Other Fans can like or comment or share the posts on other social networks.
  • The app also has capability to filter Fan Updates for all or selected Football team(s).

Fans Nearby


Find and collaborate with like-minded Football Fans

  • Search like-minded Football Fans of a Football team nearby or in a given place on the app.
  • Collaborate with other Fans by sharing messages or images or videos.
  • Note that the app maintains privacy of the Fans, in case they are strangers to each other.



One-to-One Chats or Group Chats

  • Chat with your friends or other Football Fan contacts.
  • Create group chats and add your other Football Fan contacts to it.
  • Share instant messages or images or videos with other Football Fan contacts in a one-to-one chats or group chats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on the Football Fan app.

Should you have questions other than the one’s list below, please contact us at

What is Football Fan?

Football Fan is social networking platform to connect millions of like-minded Football Fans around the world.

How can I use it?

Just download and install the app on your mobile phone from Apple iOS or Android app store. Once installed, launch the app, create your profile and you are good to go.

What features does Football Fan app have?

Football Fan app comes with many interesting features such as:

  • a. Banter rooms.
  • b. Post Fan updates.
  • c. Find other Fans nearby or in a location.
  • d. Chat with your friends or create a group chat.

We are constantly adding new features for our Fans, please do send in your feedback at

What is Nearby or Fans Nearby feature on the app?

Imagine travelling to away games alone is so dull where there is nobody to talk about Football or the away game or imagine if you are a Manchester United Fan in China and wants to gain first-hand experience with a Manchester United Fan in Manchester then Fans Nearby is the feature for you.

With Fans Nearby feature you can search other like-minded Fans of your favourite Football team(s) as well as Fans of other Football teams either around you or in a given place such as Manchester, UK.

You can collaborate with the Fans and share messages, pictures and videos with each other. You never know you may find someone interesting.

To maintain the privacy of the Fans, the app provides features to protect your identity under app Settings>>Account>>Profile.

What is Fan Updates feature on the app?

We want all the Football Fans to post their own Football stories in the form of messages or images or videos on this app that is dedicated to Football only.

Whether you watching the game in a Football stadium or in a pub or at home, simply create interesting posts of your own and post it on the app. Simply become a Football journalist and use this app to publish your posts.

Other Fans can like or comment or share your posts with other Fans or friends. If you don’t wish to get Fan Updates for all the Football teams on the app then just filter Fan Updates for the team(s) that you wish to see.

With this feature your Football related posts are no more lost like it does on any other generic platform.

Why not try posting your own Fan Update and see the magic?

Is Football Fan a mobile app or a website or both?

Football Fan is a smart phone app only, available on iPhone from Apple iOS app store and on Android app store for Android smart phones. We do have a website but that covers information only about Football Fan app. To enjoy Football Fan, we highly recommend to download it from one of the app stores

Is it free to use?

Yes, it is free to download and use.

What is a Banter Room feature on the app?

Football Fan brings real life banters between Football Fans on your smart phones in the form of Banter Rooms. We believe that banters are between Fans of 2 Football teams and therefore you as a Fan represents one of your favourite Football teams in the Banter Room.

Some of the key features of a Banter Room are:

  • a. Create your own Banter Room or join an existing Banter Room(s).
  • b. When you create a Banter Room, the app sends automated instant invitation notifications to all the Fans of both the Football teams involved in the Banter.
  • c. Other Fans have an option to accept the invitation by joining the Banter Room or simply don’t join it.
  • d. Once you join a Banter Room you can share text messages or images or videos with other participants of the Banter Room.

There are several other features which we highly recommend you to explore on the app itself.

The app never reveals the identity of participants unless they are already connected with each other on the app.

Tell me more about Chats and Group Chat feature?

Football Fan app is a one stop shop for everything you would expect from a Football app to do these days. With Chats feature you can have personal messaging with your friend that is also using the app. With Group Chats feature you can create a group from your friends using the app to messages to the group. In both these features you can not only send messages but can also send pictures and videos too.

Can I change my favourite Football team(s) later?

Yes. You can change your favourite Football team or teams any time by going to app Settings>>My Teams.

However, once you change your team(s) you will no longer participate in Banter Room(s) of changed team(s). For example, if one of your favourite teams is Chelsea and you are a participant in Banter Room(s) as a Chelsea Fan. If you decide to replace your Favourite team from Chelsea to Manchester City then you will be automatically removed from the Banter Room(s) where you were participating as a Chelsea Fan.

What are you waiting for?

Download Football Fan app now for Free on your iPhone from Apple iOS App Store or on your Android Phone from Google Android App Store.